Get started with my GPS

At first use
It is essential to charge the battery and to install on the computer, if it is provided, the software of your GPS or to download it on the site of the manufacturer, to allow you to carry out the start-up.

The installation of the software allows you to regularly save the data (maps, software, radar and favorites …) in order to guarantee the update or the reinstallation. If your GPS was not delivered with a CD / DVD or if it does not contain the mapping data or if it does not allow to make backup: make a backup of the data contained in your GPS in you referring to the manufacturer’s manual (sometimes a simple copy / paste of the complete contents of your GPS in the directory of your computer is enough).

GPS bonuses
By registering on the manufacturer’s website and if your GPS permits, you will have access to many other services, free or paid, such as the best route, radar updates, new POIs (called “points”). interests “), traffic info, etc …

Vigilant point :
Do not hot-plug your GPS when it is connected to the PC: follow the procedure for ejecting devices connected to USB according to the rule recommended by your operating system.
Keep the GPS with you when you leave your vehicle and protect it with a quality case because the screen is fragile. On the other hand, be careful not to expose your GPS support.

… The device does not turn on anymore
Preferably charge the device with a power supply recommended by the manufacturer.

If nothing happens, press the “reset” button (according to the instructions in the manual) and leave the device in charge for at least one hour.


… you lost the map and the device stops responding
Connect the GPS to the computer and start a new synchronization with the software already installed at the time of first use. Remember to check the charge of the battery.


… you have a problem receiving the GPS signal– Check the reception of the satellites.

– After a long period of inactivity, the reception of the GPS signal may be longer than usual.

– Turn off and turn on the GPS.

– Check that your car does not have an athermic windshield, it reduces the quality of the signal.

– Check the charge of the battery. Make a “reset” of the device and reset all settings and test it again on the GPS.


… The touch screen does not work anymore or is poorly calibrated
– Go to the GPS settings (preferences / system menu) to redo the new calibration.

– Make a “reset” of the device. If the fault is not corrected, reset all settings.

– Finally, if the fault persists, check the availability of an update from the software installed on the computer or on the manufacturer’s website.