Garmin nüvi 3597LMT. No, the GPS is not dead!

The great years of GPS are far away. The arrival of high powered smartphones and more and more precise and successful applications, not to mention the original integrated models in many vehicles today, has resulted in a sharp contraction of the market. There is still a demand for dedicated devices, offering more options and more powerful. Garmin, one of the leaders, offers us a high level model, the nüvi 3597LMT. It is a GPS with a 5 “color touch screen, the manufacturing quality is obvious, anti-reflective coating, it offers a resolution of 800 x 480. The manufacturer has adopted on this model an aluminum shell the sleekest and sleekest design out of the ordinary, sleek and sleek, this GPS will not look out of place in the sleek interior of a German sedan or sports coupe – dimensions 7.7 x 13.7 x 1.3 cm, it weighs 192 g and comes with a USB cable, a cigarette lighter cable, a magnetic holder and a quick start guide.

The nüvi 3597LMT is rich in features. Cartography Europe 45 countries with free update for life, Free Live Traffic for life (via Android smartphone or iOS via Bluetooth), Oneshot voice command, more than 6 million pre-recorded POIs, Memo parking in memory and guidance to last parking), voice and visual guidance, Ecoroute (calculation of routes offering the least fuel consumption), TMC Premium for life, etc. Among the interesting features, “Where am I” guides you to the emergency services (Hospital, Police, Service Station), very useful if you do not know the city where you are. Active Lane Guidance guides you precisely (visual and vocal help) on complex routes. On this subject, let’s not forget the Garmin Real Navigation function, a proprietary function that guides you in an ultra-precise way. For example, instead of saying “turn left at the next intersection”, the nüvi 3597LMT will say “turn left at the pharmacy”. Equipped with an accelerometer, the Garmin can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. Its capacitive Multitouch screen allows zooming.

Of course, the usual Route Planner, Route Selection, Night Mode and 2D / 2D Visualization, Danger Zone Alert (annual subscription fee) and display of speed limits (with audible alert if exceeded) are part of . The Garmin nüvi 3597LMT also offers the “Multiview Preview” function, a choice of routes to get from one point to another, letting you decide which one has your favor. The nüvi 3597LMT has a battery life of 2 hours and its built-in SD card reader will enrich it. To finish, its magnetic support makes its fixation fast, simple and solid.

A high-end GPS with its finish, its equipment, its reliability and the large number of functions it offers. If we add the neat ergonomics and the successful interface that are Garmin’s reputation, the nüvi 3597LMT clearly deserves attention before any purchase of a GPS in this category.